Top 5 Tips Before Tackling Cambridge Exams

Tip 1.

Read through and try solving sample papers.

Sample papers for Cambridge English Qualifications are the best used to understand and familiarize yourself with the pattern of the exams. When you solve these papers you realise which type of questions are difficult for you and which are easy. Solving papers under exam conditions also gives you an insight about the time you require to solve a particular answer or complete the paper.

Tip 2.

Create Flashcards to help you.

You require to use a lot of functional words like connectors, words that denote order, vocabulary, and grammar structures, etc. Revising through flashcards everyday will help you to retain necessary information and not have you struggling to use appropriate language on the day of the exam.

Tip 3.

Listen to International English News.

There are a few international accents used in the Cambridge English Qualifications. Listening to news reports from England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Australia, New Zealand and The USA, alternatively on a regular basis will not only improve your global knowledge, but also familiarize your hearing to different accents that can be used at the Listening Paper of the exam. Along with familiarity you will also improve the use of collocations and phrasal verbs. News reports are brief and concise. They language thus used helps you to understand to express more with less words.

Tip 4.

Speak a lot of English.

Find people whom you would like to talk to about trivial matters in English. Such as, describing the weather or talking about past experiences. If possible find a friend whom you can debate with regarding topics like how to spend leisure time or what should be the focus of journals and magazines. You may also try extempore speeches in front of the mirror and record yourself. Use every day topics related to health, fitness, accountability.

Tip 5.

Enroll in an online class.

Some people require dedicated support to help them improve their English. Institutes like The English Advantage, help candidates to improve their language skills with targeted training. At The English Advantage, you can not only enroll for the exam, but also ask for special 1-1 online training for various Cambridge Exams. Use of English in everyday life must be the foundational to any preparation. These are some of the tips that can definitely help you get your desired proficiency. Invest in yourself now through these small steps and you will have invested in your future.

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