It will start in August 2021 and end in February 2022.

There will be 2 sessions per week with a total of 40+ Live sessions for the entire course. Each session will last for 60 minutes.

The official course book (approved by Cambridge English) will be provided to the Schools by The English Advantage. The child can collect the book from the school. All other resource materials will be sent over by email or by a shared drive to the the students. 

These are test syllabuses. Considerable care has been taken to reflect the language covered in a wide range of Primary English courses and materials. A guiding principle for the programme is to close the distance between the children’s experiences of learning and of testing. Tasks are intended to test the meaningful use of language in clear, relevant, accessible contexts. Children must know what to expect when they sit down to take the tests. Teachers familiarise the children with the test format whilst continuing their normal teaching programmes, and concentrate on teaching through a focus on meaning and context.

We believe that learner autonomy is foundational towards excellence in learning.  All lesson plans are designed with this in mind, where the learner is at the heart of every lesson.

Teaching strategies are a curated mix of Task-based activities, role plays, gamification, improvisation, etc. We use resources and techniques to provide experiential learning for all the students.

Much of the work is done by students in pairs or in groups, hence we are able to achieve TCC (Truly Communicative Classrooms). This accounts for the high energy and higher decibels than any normal class as all students are encouraged to use the language skills that they have just acquired.

All activities are geared toward Creativity and Imagination building

Students are encouraged to develop oral, aural and writing skills based on the various language functions.

We follow University of Cambridge approved resources to create an effective and robust learning environment.

The curriculum is designed around ‘Can Do’ statements which are linked to the CEFR.

Curriculum for Cambridge Flyers in brief:

Topics to be covered.

Sports, Leisure, Weather, Places, Natural World, Materials, Transport, Animals, Places in a town, Food, Cooking, Music, School, Home, IT, Work, Jobs

Grammar Concepts:

  • Past Continuous and while, Present perfect, Past continuous + Still, Tenses Review
  • Going to, Will, Ago, Already, Yet, Still, Should
  • Ask somebody to do something
  • “What’s it for?” “It’s for …”
  • Will (prediction), Could (hypothetical)
  • by myself/ yourself
  • Prepositions after adjectives (afraid of, brilliant at), Prepositions of time.
  • And Grammar concepts covered in Starters and Movers.

Values to be covered

  • Learning to be independent
  • Being friendly (“Hurrah! Well done!”)
  • Listening carefully
  • Showing kindness (“This is for you!”)
  • Encouraging your friends and others (“Don’t worry.” “Come on”)
  • Remaining calm
  • Being inspired by people (“Let me try!”)
  • Being curious (“It’s so interesting!”)

Curriculum for Cambridge Movers in brief:

Topics to be covered.

Friends, Possessions, Hobbies, Nature, School, Home, Animals, Natural World, Activities at Home, Health, Parts of the Body, Feelings, Weather, Clothes, Jobs.

Grammar Concepts:

  • Would you like, I’d like/love, I need
  • Can, could/ couldn’t, Have to, Must
  • Be good at
  • I like … more than …
  • Relative clauses with: that
  • Relative pronoun where
  • Comparative adjectives: nicer, more beautiful
  • Superlative adjectives
  • Comparative adverbs and adjectives: bad, worse, worst; good, better, best.
  • Too + adjective
  • Past simple, Irregular past simple forms, Simple past regular and irregular
  • “How about …?” “What about …?”
  • And grammar concepts covered in Starters

Values to be covered:

  • Creative thinking (“Would you like …? I’d like…”
  • Appreciation of nature and people (“It’s so beautiful here.”)
  • Being a good friend (“I can be a good friend.?”)
  • Being productive (“I like being busy!”
  • Having a dream for the future (“One day, I want to…”)
  • Wanting to learn about the world (“Do you know…?”)
  • Making others feel happier (“That’s better!”)
  • Saying how you feel (“This is getting scary!”)

Curriculum for Cambridge Starters in Brief:

Topics to be covered:

Home, Animals, Activities, Natural world, Farm Animals, Clothes, School activities, Transport, Leisure, Sport.

Grammar Concepts:

  • Prepositions: Under, in, on, in front of, next to, behind, between
  • Question words: What colour …?, How many …?, Which …?, Where …?, Who …?, Whose …?, Have you got …? Where’s?
  • There is/are
  • Like/love + ing
  • What a (big) (fish)!
  • Present continuous (The children / They are …-ing. The monster isn’t …-ing. It’s …-ing)
  • Mine, yours, his, hers, theirs, ours, this/that, these/those
  • Have + noun + to … (She has some juice to drink.)

Values to be covered:

  • Loving your family and home (“I love my family. I love my home.”)
  • Trying your best (“Can I try again?”)
  • Enjoying a varied and active life (“I love -ing.”)
  • Making amends (“Would you like to … with me?”)
  • Celebrating diversity (“I don’t/ so do I.”)
  • Being Kind (“Don’t worry.”)
  • Being happy (“Be happy.”)
  • Working as a team (“I’m good at…”)

Children will be enrolled in the following sections based on the grade they are studying in. 
Grade 1: Starters
Grade 2: Starters
Grade 3: Movers
Grade 4: Flyers

There will be ongoing assessment which will help the children keep a track of what they have learnt. The final assessment will be conducted by Cambridge Assessment English. All assessment material will arrive from Cambridge Assessment English, London. After the assessment, the child will get a certificate from Cambridge Assessment English, London.

The final assessment will take place in the school. All safety protocols with regards to staff conducting the exam will be maintained.

The English Advantage on behalf of Cambridge Assessment English will conduct the assessment.

It will take place in the month of March 2022.

The candidates will attempt 3 papers:

  1. Reading and Writing
  2. Listening
  3. Speaking

You can read more about the exams on this link:

Authorised and Certified Speaking Examiners from Cambridge Assessment English India, shall conduct and mark the Speaking component. These will be conducted on a one-to-one basis. The schedule of which will be shared once the exam dates are fixed.

If the child is absent for any of the component of the exam, he/she will not receive the qualification certificate.

If due to unforeseen emergencies the child happens to miss the exam, The English Advantage will try its best to arrange for a seat at any of our partner schools, for the appropriate exam. If there is no other exam happening, the child may have to forego the exams.

The certificate will help the child prove his/her proficiency in English. It is a Qualification that is mapped to the CEFR.

Your child can enroll in the next level examination. There are exams mapped all the way up to C2 level which place your child at a native-speaker proficiency level English.

The school will send a communication to you regarding the same. They will tell you when, how and how much.

There is no refund policy. All fees once paid are non-refundable. You may get in touch with the representative from The English Advantage in case of any issue. `

Each group will have the same trainer/expert journeying with them through out the year.

Based on the ability and certificate from a registered medical practitioner, the parents may seek extension of time-limit for the appropriate component and in extreme rare cases can seek exemption from the appropriate component.

No. There will be a recording of the day’s class saved. The child will be sent a link of the same. The recording will only be available for 15 days post the session. 

Appropriate homework to facilitate English skills at home will be given to the students. This will involve the child taking time to talk to members in the family in English.

Yes. During class all children will be given enough and more opportunity to interact with the class teacher and his classmates.

Everyone will get the contact of the trainer/teacher. The parents may drop a whatsapp/text message about the query or seek an appropriate time to talk.

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